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Retinal Exams at Point of Care

For thirty years Optos technology has enabled eyecare professionals to detect, manage, diagnose and treat retinal pathology, thus saving sight and saving lives. Optos Telehealth Solutions brings that cutting-edge technology to primary care providers to assist them in closing the vision care gap.

For practitioners who are looking for the ability to assess their patient base quickly and efficiently, for signs of Diabetic Retinopathy (DR), Optos AI for DR combines the powers of ultra-widefield retinal imaging with AI assessment in a cloud-based platform. 

How It Works
Advantages of Optos ultra-widefield vs other fundus cameras
  • Helps identify patients at greater risk of disease progression
    Peripheral pathology is associated with a 4.7x greater risk of diabetic retinopathy progression 6
  • Improves workflow
    Faster image capture, no dilation, or dark room required 7
  • Solves the problem of unusable images
    Provides 98% gradable images for interpretation 8
  • Images more pathology
    66% of pathology is found outside the fundus camera field of view 9
    20% of patients with no diabetic retinopathy had other retinal pathology 10

Optos Telehealth Solutions

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